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Hello everyone, I want to know how Cloudflare stream really works. because buy the 5$ package to stream 5k minutes of videos. I have currently streamed less than 2k minutes.
But when I enter the billing area, it tells me that the billing is for minutes viewed and not for minutes transmitted.
It tells me that I have 420.39 k minutes.
Please I want to know how it works, and what I can do. because if it’s 420$ that’s a lot for me.

Cloudflare Stream storage is pre-paid and the minutes streamed are post-paid. Minutes delivered are billed at $1 per 1,000 minutes.

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So in my case, how much would I have to pay in the next bill, if I never use stream storage, and only use rtmp transmission.

Stream Live is billed in the same way as Stream on-demand. Live is billed at $5 per 1,000 minutes recorded and $1 per 1,000 minutes delivered.

Frequently asked questions about Cloudflare Stream · Cloudflare Stream docs

that is, if I broadcast a 120-minute video. I wasn’t going to be charged for the 120 minutes I streamed, but I was going to be charged for the amount of time people watched the video. Example: 200 people, each watched 90 minutes of the broadcast. the minutes that I have to pay are 18k minutes.

that is, I have to pay 421 dollars?

If your Billable Usage is showing ~421,000 minutes viewed.

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