Cloudflare Stream Billing / Streaming Particulars

Hello. I have a use case I am working towards in which pricing particulars (costs) are crucial to understand.

Pricing starts at these rates:

$1 per 1,000 minutes delivered.
$5 per 1,000 minutes stored.

How does Stream deal with “fractional” numbers with regards to minutes of video stored, the duration in which videos are stored, and minutes of video streamed? For example:

  1. If you have a video that is 29 seconds long, when stored, is it treated as 48.33% of a minute, or is it rounded up to a minute?
  2. What if a video is uploaded but is not stored for an entire billing cycle? How is that calculated on the bill? Further, how does Stream deal with deletion of videos in terms of billing?
  3. How does Stream charge for delivery at 2x speed?
  4. Does buffering count towards minutes of delivery time?

Much appreciated.

Based on that I assume:

  1. Rounded up to a minute.
  2. Storage is billed in advance, as soon as you upload it, it counts towards the next billing cycle.
  3. Good question :thinking:
  4. Looks like.

I believe all of the information I provided is accurate; however, @irvinebroque might be able to confirm just in case I messed up.