Cloudflare Stream billable minutes

Dear reader,

I have a question about the billable minutes.
My videos are implemented with the standard embed code, without preloading.

As my website is still in development I made it only accessible for my own IP address.
I refresh my pages quite often, as I am working on PHP, CSS, things like that.

Last week I got the feeling that the number of registered billable minutes was much higher than the length of the videos that I had viewed myself. In order to test this I did not play any of my videos over the past couple of days, but I still got quite some billable minutes registered. I did however load quite a lot of webpages that contain the embeds.

How does this work? Are billable minutes registered when a webpage is loaded, even when preloading is not used in the embed code? Or maybe do I need to change some settings?

This article includes an explanation about preloading, but I thought this would only apply if the preload attribute is used in the embed link: Billing for Cloudflare Stream

I am not worried about the few cents that I lost on this last week, but I would like to avoid receiving huge bills when my site goes public.

Maybe someone has any advice for this?

Did you played/watched it through the Stream tab of Cloudflare dashboard? :thinking:
Or some crawler requested it … if the URL was indexed?

Thanks for your suggestion.
The videos have not been played/watched through the Cloudflare website over the past days.

Although I entered the URL of my website in the “Allowed Origins” field, I am not sure if that keeps crawlers away from my videos.

Since last Friday a cumulative total of over 3 hours has been registered, according to the billable usage figures in my account.
But I am the only person having access to these videos, and for the sake of this experiment I have not watched any of them during this timespan…
Maybe Mr @zaid can say something about this?

I am not for sure, but what if you have just visited your page during the experiment in those few days? A quote from the Billing for Cloudflare Stream

If a site visitor loads a video and does not watch it, Cloudflare will still charge for video delivery. However, if the visitor’s browser caches the video locally, Cloudflare does not charge for time spent watching it. In other words, if the visitor watches the video multiple times, we will not charge for subsequent views.

So that would come down to possibly answering your question: “How does this work? Are billable minutes registered when a webpage is loaded, even when preloading is not used in the embed code?

It would mean that if you would have 5 video’s on the page, worth 1 hour of playtime each, it would mean that when a visitor loads the page, you will get billed for 300 minutes (5 video’s mulitplied by 60 minutes each).

If that would be a problem, maybe consider creating some (image) placeholder and during an onclick/touch event, replace the placeholder and load that specific video source instead.

Hopefully I am not wrong about the billing - it does sound like this is how the charging works.