Cloudflare Stream Beta Feedback



@globleedev can you tell us more about why you’re not able to use tus in your mobile application?


Hi Stream Beta Users!

I’m Anthony on the Product Marketing team at Cloudflare working on Stream. If anyone is open to it, I’d love to talk to as many of you as I can to see how using Stream is going and if you have any feedback about the product.

Let me know!



Sure Dani.

Our app is based on Cordova. We are only able to use the FileTransfer plugin that comes with the software. This is the only way to upload videos from Cordova.

Other examples would be if we were using (as we do for other apps) and did not want to detach from the expo framework to implement native code.


So we have been using the stream service on our website for a few days.
First : It’s very nice !

Then we have some little issues .

  • The player. We embed the video on the web page according to users interaction. When we use the provided javascript code, we can only inject one video per page. After the first time, nothing happens. We used videojs and it’s great. Also videojs streaming quality seems much higher and smoother

  • The network : we upload video at 0.5 MiB/s which is quite low, surprinsgly low considering cloudflare network expertise. Not sure what we do wrong.

Overall the experience is great but the player and the network are a drawback.



I’ve seen several of problems so far.

1. Problem with SSL Full (Strict):
My site has “Full (strict)” enabled in Crypto, since we have a valid certificate in our end:

Since the URLs for the videos in “Stream” are in this way:

I get a 526 error page trying to connect to it. The same thing happens when using the embed codes.

The only way to fix this is setting SSL to “Full” so that it doesn’t check your origin server certificate, which is not valid for our domain, obviously. That’s something you should fix ASAP, because it can be a problem for a lot of customers that want a Full Strict policy in the communications between CF and their origin servers.

2.- Videos get stuck in processing

I’ve uploaded a couple of videos in MP4/H.264 format. While the second one uploaded fast and was processed pretty fast too, the first one has been stuck for more than 24 hours.

I don’t get any email or notification telling me that the encoding is ready if it takes long, and that’s important if you want to bulk-upload many videos that can take a while to process.

3.- Security
To us, as an e-learning company, one of the main features needed in a streaming service is the ability to restrict playing, downloading and embedding of the video to specific domains. That’s something your service is unfortunately lacking right now (or at least I don’t see a way to limit this).

4.- Player
The player is pretty limited. Users can’t set the speed or the quality of the video, something pretty important in many cases. One can’t customize it in any way either (colors, maybe a logo somewhere…)
It doesn’t seem to support Closed Captions either, which is a must a for a lot of applications.

5.- Nice to have
Other things that would be interesting albeit not mandatory to have, would be:

  • Being able to categorize or at least tag videos. If you have hundreds of thousands of them as we have, simply having a list would not be enough.
  • Being able to chose the “cover” image for the video, from a picture you upload or directly from the video.

As I see the product right now, it’s a good way to have a few videos to be used embedded in your public site (with your player or third party’s), if you want to encode them manually in different formats and bit rates. But unfortunately I don’t see it as a full-scale product that a company that does a lot of video would like to use.

Thanks and I hope this feedback helps you in any way.


Issues with thumbnails? Trying to access the thumbnails provided by the api response are redirecting and returning

Access denied.

Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to


hey @mszoke87 — we just updated the URL structure in the API. Can you try again?


Hey there,

trying to play the direct manifest URL on Apple TV gives me video but no audio. Any advice?

Docs still mention that the direct URL is served from but this returns an error:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access denied.</Message><Details>Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to</Details></Error>

Using the direct manifest link on results in video but no audio on Apple TV.

Using the direct link on Safari on iPhone results in good audio…


Best guess for no audio on Apple TV:

Spec says:

Playlist files MUST have names that end in .m3u8 and/or have the
Content-Type “application/” (if transferred over
HTTP), or have names that end in .m3u and/or have the HTTP Content-
Type type “audio/mpegurl” (for compatibility).

audio manifest has incorrect content-type application/octet-stream and also has no file name extension .m3u8


@timo looking into this. Thanks for the report.


@mszoke87 @timo we just moved links for all resources under or subdomains of – updated the docs to show this.


re: Player - we’re working on this. You will be able to dynamically load videos and interct with the player.

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing slower upload speeds. Have you tried uploading from a different internet connection? Often times ISPs limit upload bandwidth in favor of higher download bandwidth.

@jmalarcon thank you for the awesome feedback!
1- One of the problems we fixed by moving to a central domain cloudflare manages was this. All videos will now load content through which should not interfere with Strict SSL on your domain.
2- Working on this! Our goal is to have all videos processed as fast as uploads.
3- Stay tuned on placing limitations on where the video can be embedded! Coming soon.
4- @dani and I are curious about your use of closed captioning. Can you tell us a bit more about this? What formats do you use?


Hi Renan and @dani:

Thanks for your response. I’m looking forward for the security part of the product.

Regarding Closed Captioning the main usage it’s to be accesible deaf for people visiting your site or, in our case, for students which are hearing impaired. It’s useful too for marketing purposes, since a lot of people access websites using corporate computers without speakers or mobile devices in noisy environments, so CC helps a lot.

The most widely used format is SRT (Subrip, more info here:, and it’s the one we use. Other very common one is SAMI (with .smi or .sami extensions: We don’t use this one.



@renan Works great thanks!


@timo we added the extension to the audio manifest files. Good catch. Does it now work on Apple TVs? Also - what version of tvOS are you on?


Yes! Super important. Unfortunately, we don’t have Closed Captioning support yet.


GET https://null/cdn-cgi/beacon/media


Why set-cookie two times at the manifest file?


I think that’s a mistake. Good catch, we will fix.


Investigating! Thanks for letting us know