Cloudflare Stream Beta Feedback



IE11 should work - what error do you see?


we still need to build that. for now you can see avg # of seconds watched per video and infer drop off from that.


Not yet. But good point, maybe we should think about adding it.


Not yet but stay tuned


Sorry about that! If they are not done yet, try re-uploading them. It should work.


No error, it just shows a blank page. Looking at the source, everything is there… it just doesn’t show anything. Other browsers I checked work fine.


That’s a bug. Thanks for catching and reporting!


after re-upload, same error😔


We are looking into it!


will you add Access-Control-Allow-Origin control?


Will Stream support captions upload?

If I have more than one domain name inside Cloudflare account, “Get Link” will return the selected domain.


Yes, we will provide the ability to specify on which domains a video can be viewed, and we will be adding the appropriate control headers.


We will not be supporting caption upload at the time of product launch.

In the user interface and API, your videos are available across all your domains. As mentioned, we will be providing the ability to restrict from which domains a particular video can be streamed.


After I successfully upload a video in the console I expect to see a thumbnail of the video but there is none. When I inspect the thumbnail link I see that my domain is in the link. This leads be to believe that all settings of my domain must be perfect in order to use the service. Is this correct ?

I’ve tried to use a simple server on localhost to serve a page with embedded video, but that is not working either. I have my deployments at and I suspect my difficulty getting this to work might be involved.

I’m giving up on the deployment right now but I would really like know what is the easiest way / platform / framework / technology to use for simply testing uploading a litte video and actually see the stream someplace.


@geirbo originally we were going to use your domain to serve thumbnails and the video but we’ve been running into many cases where the domain is not setup well to do that. We are going to move to serving video and thumbnails from one central domain that Cloudflare manages. This will resolve the issue you are seeing.


Great, thats probably a good Idea !
When can we hope for this to be in place ?


Can I get access to cloudflare streams?


Hi! We are letting in people from the beta waitlist To register, sign up here:


Awesome. Timing is still TBD.


@dani @renan

Dear Colleagues,

We have implemented the Cloudflare Workers solution for client sided upload from our mobile application. We are limited to a non “tus” client, so we get the following error:

  \"result\": null,
  \"success\": false,
  \"errors\": [
  \"code\": 10006,
  \"message\": \"Bad Request\"
  \"messages\": [
  \"code\": 10006,
  \"message\": \"Invalid protocol: please use TUS for uploads (see for protocol details).\"

When will we be able to use a normal HTTP upload? Our mobile app framework will not work with anything else. Is there a solution? We have enabled chunked uploading.

Thank you.