Cloudflare Stream Beta Feedback

Like I presumed, my Access Key was wrong. Even though I’ve checked it multiple times, Cloudflare always gave me a key that was identical to my Zone ID. Today I checked again and the key had changed. With the new Access Key I could at least get the upload started. So there’s seems to be a bug with the CF admin area showing the wrong Access Key.

Both upload attempts with tus-upload and tus-upload-js fail however, exactly as described already by @hostmaster4.


[2018-02-02 10:15:08,132] INFO Uploading 1049253 bytes chunk from offset: 4194304
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/local/bin/tus-upload”, line 9, in
load_entry_point(‘’, ‘console_scripts’, ‘tus-upload’)()
File “/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/”, line 99, in _cmd_upload
File “/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/”, line 203, in resume
offset = _upload_chunk(data, offset, file_endpoint, headers=headers)
File “/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/”, line 239, in _upload_chunk
tus.TusError: Upload chunk failed: Status=504

tus-upload-js gets stuck around the last uploaded chunk.