Cloudflare Stream API reference inconsistency

I’m using the Stream API webhooks to receive information about uploaded videos via direct creator upload. The web hook body contains an object identical to “Retrieve video details” (GET accounts/:account_identifier/stream/:identifier) API.
The problem is the status.pctComplete is an integer in the api reference but in the actual response it’s a string “45.0000”.
Even without using webhooks and calling the “Retrieve video details” API directly will return the string instead of integer.
That also breaks the “Cloudflare-go” library.

Thanks for the heads up. We’re updating our docs right now to make sure they’re accurate, which will also allow the Cloudflare-go library to be properly updated to fix this.


Also another thing I’ve noticed is in the docs it shows it’s possible to add metadata to direct creator upload (tested it myself) but not documented in the api reference (therefore not implemented in the Cloudflare-go)

Thanks @venoox — we’ll update our API docs to reflect this. Really appreciate you spotting this.


Does “Upload videos with HTTP requests” support adding metadata? If not, that would be nice to add