Cloudflare Stream API keys are incorrect

Trying to get started and use Wordpress with Cloudflare stream.
Can install the plugin OK using this guide: but keep getting the same error message after entering the required fields: Cloudflare Stream API keys are incorrect

I don’t know, they seem to be correct from getting them from the places the guide suggests.

Was self hosting short video clip but didn’t like the limited HTML5 front end controls.

Tempted to quit and just revert back to Vimeo or as a VERY last resort Youtube!

Others here use that plugin and I’ve not heard of it not working. I don’t use it because I prefer to use the Cloudflare Dashboard for all my settings.

As for Stream, I don’t think that plugin has anything to do with Stream. Can you provide a screenshot of that error?

:wave: @user9941,

The link above is not the stream plugin, that is available here:


Thanks guys.

@user9941, That is the plugin I have installed. I know because I did download the link you provided but the wordpress said “alreadly installed”