Cloudflare Stream API - Authentication error


Im trying to call the /stream/direct_upload endpoint of the Cloudflare Stream API (from Firebase Cloud Function) to get a signed url for a video upload.

This is the code for the post request:

 const url = `${cloudflare.accountId}/stream/direct_upload`;
const cloudflareResponse = await
        maxDurationSeconds: 60,
        headers: {
          Authorization: `Bearer ${cloudflare.apiKey}`,
          "Content-Type": "application/json",

I’ve tripple checked the accountId and the apiKey.
Im using the account id from Dashboard → Stream → Videos → Account Details → Account ID
and the api key is Profile → API Tokens → Global API Key

And still keep on getting the { code: 10000, message: 'Authentication error' }.

Im running out of ideas…Help is much appreciated!

Note: I just upgraded to Cloudflare Stream today and also tried logging out and in again.

That format requires an API token, not the API key.


Thx so much! I have had created a Custom Token with Stream editing rights before that somehow didn’t work, but when I used this default template to create the token it worked finally! :raised_hands:


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