Cloudflare Stream 4K

Hi - I noticed that Cloudflare stream is currently limited to 1080p streaming. I’m uploading files in 4K. Will 4K be available in the future… and if yes, will 4K be an option for the files I am uploading in 4K now?


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Just between you and me :eyes: the API has a flag for being able to upload 4K content


I imagine you could see what it takes to get 4K enabled by submitting a support ticket.


oooh! Exciting :slight_smile: OK I’ll keep it to myself :stuck_out_tongue:
Many thanks!

FYI Response from support:

Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support.

4K streaming isn’t available now. We do have plans to have this feature in future but there’s no ETA for now.

Where did you find this?

Devtools of your browser can show a lot of information APIs return. If I had to guess, uploading in 4k is Enterprise-only.

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Yes, we do know about DevTools, but I’m asking about the URL and the endpoint for Request you used that shows this in DevTools. (=