Cloudflare Stops My Another Server HTTP Flooding

We have two servers handling requests between both. Server 1 will send around 60-70 HTTPS POST request to Server 2. On every restart of the Server 1, we hope HTTPS Post requests are blocked by Cloudflare as it thinks as Http Flood Attack as checked in Firewall section. If so please guide us, how to whitelist the IP or possible way to update the server. The problem persists for several hours after every restart.

The best advice is probably to configure server 1 to completely bypass Cloudflare and connect to server 2 directly.

How to do that? Both servers configured in Cloudflare.

Their domains are, not the servers. You simply reconfigure where it connects to. That could be either via specifying the IP address instead or use an unproxied DNS record or use the local hosts file. How you do this is up to you and your preference. The exact implementation would be beyond the scope of the forum however.

Not only Domains, Servers also different. So turning off the proxy symbol near the domain might bypass cloudflare checks? Or Is there any possible way to whitelist the domain IP alone?

I dont know what you mean by “the servers are different” but connecting directly would not involve Cloudflare.

Yes, you can either unproxy or try whitelisting too.

Really thanks for the help @sandro

Two server? Domain 1 (IP - xxx) running Node JS and sending multiple HTTPS Post to Domain 2 (IP - yyy) running PHP. Both run in different IP and servers. So that mentioned as like that.

How can I whitelist my IP??

If I am unproxy my IP then I need to unproxy for Server 2 or Server 1?

You need to have an unproxied record for server 1. But again, connecting directly would be the most elegant solution and would avoid leaking your IP address.

Really sorry to ask you about that @sandro. What do you mean by directly in this context sir?

You basically need to bypass Cloudflare and you do that by going straight for the IP address of the other server.

Thank you will check and update the behaviour.

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