Cloudflare stopped working without any change

HI, i bought a domain through cloudflare and set dns proxy to AUTO and turend on tiered cache for my website. This worked fine for a few days now im getting the cache status DYNAMIC and nothing gets cached anymore.

I read a few other topics where some folks say they switched to payed version and afterwards it worked - why? I also tried setting page and cache rules - dont work either. page cache says BYPASS and cache rule tunrs to DYNAMIC again but does not cache anything. Its a wordpress site. Im not able to get HIT

Hi there,

Unfortunately it is a bit difficult to advise without more specific information.

Are you able to share the domain name or example asset that you expect to be cached that is not being cached, and we can do some testing to see what could be going on here?

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I think i mixed up cdn and cache - my domain name from cloudflare and www is set to proxy under DNS setting - this means my CDN is active right? I also activated tiered cache, this means when i get Server: Cloudflare in my console for the document it runs through cloudflares CDN right?

in this case DYNAMIC cache is ok because i do not set any cache rule right?

But somehow my site proxied through Cloudflare or without (tried both on the DNS settings) loding almost exactly the same way - slow :slight_smile:

When i do not use cache rules i cannot do anything else to make my site load faster with the free plan…?



A cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC response means you are proxying through Cloudflare, however the resource you are requesting is not being served from our cache and instead being pulled from your origin web server.

By default, Cloudflare should only be caching these static file extensions - Default Cache Behavior · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs

If you are querying a file that does not have one of these file extensions, it would not be cached by default and not return a cf-cache-status: HIT without creating a cache rule or a page rule to make the resource eligble to be cached.

Here is how you would cache assets that are not the static file extensions - Create a cache rule in the dashboard · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs

I would be cautious in deciding to cache resources that are not static files, without fully understanding the change you are making it and how it can impact your site - because you may end up caching something you do not intend and cause a security risk (eg. caching a users’ private session at our edge)

Hope this helps!

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thx a lot - ill look into it. best

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