Cloudflare stolen my money

Cloudflare charge $20 for free plan? also there is no way to cancel. submi the ticket billing but no reply.

Dear Ming,

This email is a confirmation that you’ve recently modified your subscription for CF_FREE. If you believe you received this in error, email us directly at [email protected].

Thank you for using Cloudflare.

Can you post the support ticket number here? @Laurie might be able to take a look.

and no way to remove payment

ticket: 2150298

I’m scared to leave the credit card to CloudFlare.

@erictung Could you help? I don’t mind paying, but want to know why this happened? I have lots of accounts in Cloudflare. As a security company doing that insecurity work is not make sense

It’s late here, so it will be at least twelve hours before billing can check on this.


@sdayman @erictung @Laurie Can someone help me to take a look?

Issue 1: I never apply rules subscript
Issue 2: I can’t cancel this subscribe. Tried many different way. I am a IT guy
Issue 3: I can’t remove saved payment

Has it been 12 hours yet? The west coast is just now waking up. Please be patient.


Hi @maning82 ,

I have checked your ticket as well as your account, when you downgraded from the Pro plan, you retained the 20-page rules on your plan, which is why you saw a charge. Please note when downgrading you must go through the check-out process agreeing to the payment for the page rules when you choose to retain them. These additional page rules are set to downgrade on 06/01/2021, so you will not see any charges next month for this service.

Once these page rules have canceled within your account you will then be able to remove your payment method on file.

I have escalated your ticket so that our billing team can respond to you shortly.


Hi @Laurie

Thank you for you reply. I didn’t know that policy when I do downgrade. When I cancel a subscription, it automatically add another subscription without letting custom know which is not professional way. At lease send a noice to custom before applying another subscription.
Anyway, would switch my rules subscription to pro plan without addition cost this month? otherwise it is double pay for me.


Also there is bug for your system. After I downgrade to free plan, still show I can add 20 rules. so I just added some rules for testing. It feels that as long as I exceed 3 rules, it will automatically added more subscription. and automatically take money from visa card.This behavior is difficult for people to accept, and I believe it will not have a good impact on your company.

It actually does let you know. You have to let it know you no longer need those additional Page Rules.

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This is because you’re still subscribed to 20 rules until June 1st.

On a Free Plan with 3 rules, I can’t add more unless I buy them.

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Hi @maning82,

The retention of the page rules is a feature that was requested by customers so that when downgrading if they had more than the 3-page rules that come with the free plan they could retain their page rules on the free plan. There is notice when you downgrade as you must go through the check-out process, yes, in addition you can downgrade without retaining the 20-page rules by setting the 20 to 0, and then you do not process a payment at that time. When you choose the Free plan, you would see the following:

This states that you receive 3-page rules with the free plan and is $20 a month for the 20-page rules, then when you proceed, you will see a pop-up that you must click on to confirm the payment.


Hi @sdayman do you know when this policy start? I didn’t see this when I do downgrade. And these small terms are easy to be ignored. why not popup windows or ask customer choose yes? that small term is so tricky!

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@Laurie if CloudFlare do not want do any actions, can I request remove my payment information from CloudFlare. is that fair?

DO NOT SAVE YOUR VISA TO Cloudflare, They may take you money by anytime and give your a small term policy.55555

AND NOT allowed to delete your card,

you can delete my post here, but I can announce this tricky behavior to all social media!

I requested to Billing department to cancel the subscription and delete payment methods many times, but they don’t.

Hi @maning82, since you are posting from the same IP address as @maning82 and joined less than 10 minutes ago, I assume you’ve been discussing this issue together.

Once you have removed your subscription for the services (in @maning82 's case the page rules subscription) you will be able to remove your credit card.