Cloudflare still asking me to change nameservers

I used the Cloudflare plugin for Wordpress to activate cloudflare on my website. I added the account to Cloudflare, but do not want to change nameservers. Within WP, the dashboard is saying connected, however the dashboard on Cloudflare is still pending nameserver change. How do I fix this or get to the main Cloudflare dashboard? I’ve done this before, it is the first time that run into this.


Hi @bob13, if you login to, select one of your domains, go to the DNS tab. From there you can use the pulldown on the top left to toggle through your sites. Most of them say Your DNS zone file is hosted by **Partner** , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website., one will have a listing of the DNS records in Cloudflare.

So, you have one site set up directly on Cloudflare (we call Full) and several set up through a partner (we call Partial as we don’t have your DNS records).

The site that is pending sounds as if you added directly to Cloudflare via our dashboard and we’re waiting for you to update the nameservers. You’d need to remove it from your Cloudflare dashboard and add via the partner if you don’t want to alter the name servers and have this site set up like most of the other sites your have.

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