Cloudflare still active even I already removed it


I got a problem that my website is still attached to Cloudflare name server even I’ve removed it from cPanel’s Cloudflare and I’ve checked on my Cloudflare’s account is also not exist anymore. I also have deleted the CNAME that linked to Cloudflare and I’ve changed back my nameservers to the original ones.
It all started when I was restoring my hosting file and when I ping my website, the result is still coming from I know it will take 24-48 hours to propagate, but its been a week like this. So I don’t know what went wrong.


These are likely to be third party JavaScript files which are served via Cloudflare but unrelated to your site itself.

Whats the domain?

Hi Sandro,

Thanks a lot for your quick response! Anyway, I just found the problem and its resolved now. I didn’t notice that my domain’s & webmail’s CNAME Record were still connected to I simply replaced it to my domain’s name and it works now.

Thanks again!

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