Cloudflare Steram Korea Region CDN Billing issue

I am currently working as a backend developer at a startup in Korea. I’m trying to use Cloudflare stream service, but I have a few questions.

  1. In the past, I heard that there was a problem with network usage fees with CDNs in Korea. Are you currently having trouble using the Korean CDN with Cloudflare streams?

  2. Regarding cost, if I only charge Cloudflare Stream price, can I use it without a separate subscription (enterprise, etc.)?

2.1 If additional fees are required to use the Korean CDN, how are those fees charged? 2.2 What is the structure of the additional fees required to use the Korean CDN, and is there a way to minimize the additional costs?

No such information to this effect has been released, so it can be presumed that presently there are no issues, nor fees.

Correct, it is a separate subscription with its own pricing. You do not need any other plans.

There are no additional fees for Korea usage.

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Thank you for answer.

So, does this mean that if I use Cloudflare Stream in Korea, CDN PoP (or Edge) will be automatically provided to the Korean region without any spending or setup?

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Cloudflare has never guaranteed that a certain PoP would be used or not for a use case before now, I wouldn’t think they would start now.

I’d suggest trying it out and seeing what happens.

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Yes, that is indicating it’s from the colo in Korea


In the previous thread Which plan should I use to use South Korea (ICN) CDN Edge? - Website, Application, Performance / DNS & Network - Cloudflare Community, the answer was that due to the high bandwidth prices in South Korea, we need to be on at least the Enterprise plan to be guaranteed an ICN edge. Is this still a valid answer and does it also apply to Cloudflare Stream?

No, this answer does not apply to Stream. You don’t need to be an enterprise customer to have Stream traffic served from S Korea. You only need to be a Stream customer on self-serve.


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