Cloudflare Status Notifications

I am looking to see how yesterdays latency issue could have been communicated to us as a giant enterprise customer. We triaged the issues internally and spent an hour before we realized it could be the edge.
Is there a webhook or something we could utilize for this?

You can’t subscribe to Cloudflare’s page sadly but there are other options:

If you’re an enterprise customer, it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s also some way to get notified directly


I also set a watch :bell: for every post in the #cloudflarestatus category. The category subscribes to the RSS feed. It’s a bit slower than the RSS feed.

My RSS goes into feedly, but I find I notice community posts in that category prior to noticing them in feedly. I use a “belt and several pairs of braces” approach to getting notices…email, rss, category monitoring, and I am training a small flock of pigeons for good measure.

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