Cloudflare Stats


My Cloudflare Stats for all my sites does not match (not even by far) with all my other stats: Google Search Console, G Analytics, Ahrefs, Alexa, etc.

Can someone explain how come I have much more unique visitors on CF stats than in all the other systems I use?


Great question,…i was just about to make the exact topic.Will use this topic to ask the same thing…
Unique visitors numbers in Cloudflare is much much more than Google analitycs,why?
For yesterday stats in CF shows 333 unique visits compared wih Google Analitics which shows 50 unique visits.WTF?

Ok, so to go direct to the reply.

I better keep looking to Analitcis and Google Search Console, if I want to know the real traffic.


Dear peeps happy weekend ,

Im new to this but was wondering a few questions

  1. Why is there High Traffic from the rest of the world?
  2. How do we setup to only pull traffic from a specific region?

Thanks in advance

btw, im from Asia “Malaysia”