Cloudflare stats have dropped to 10% usual

My stats on Cloudflare just dropped to 10% the usual over the last day. Any suggestions? I think it is unlikely that my traffic actually did this. Here is the chart for the last 30 days.

I noticed that when comparing location charts that over the last day only US is dark blue whereas previously such as over the last week or month, there are about 5 locations around the world that are dark blue (Canada, US, Britain, Japan, Australia)

Still down - there was a wobble in the caching too… anyone from Cloudflare seeing this? Can you please do a check our site? We have not adjusted any Cloudflare set up. Just seems very unlikely that the traffic we had for several years just all died.

@sandro - curious situation here… you were a big help before. Not sure if you have a thought on the above. A drastic drop in traffic over the last 6 days - percent cached went from 99.8 to the 70s. Have not touched the Cloudflare settings… my server guys say nothing has changed. Sad to be going from 600k visitors a day to 10k visitors a day.

My caching has gone from 99.8% to 76.7% over the last bunch of days and the traffic just tanked!!! Anyone have any suggestions? I don’t have the type account that can access tech support but hopefully someone from Cloudflare could look into my account for me and see if something is wrong. Cheers. zimjs org

Over the last week, my caching percentage has been down and - also, I have another post in saying that my traffic is dramatically down. Does anyone have any recommendation - Cloudlare people, if you see this could you please check my account and respond. Cheers. zimjs dot org.

Sorry, meant to enclose a graph…

And here is the last month. My caching stats averaged higher in the past (almost perfect) but the number is lower now that a week of 87% caching has happened

Well… we will see how it goes… but there was a recent spike back up to original numbers!

Well, seems to be holding steady. That is so weird - don’t know why a month of stats dropped - but relieved it is back to normal.