Cloudflare stats are amazing but affiliate website shows no activity

By chance I went into my Cloudflare account and looked at my stats. I was surprised to see the amount of visitor activity associate with my domain because the website hasn’t processed any new visitor email addresses to my autoresponder and there have been 0 conversions. At least I haven’t received any commissions to my linked bank account. I am an Affiliate promoting the product through the website that I purchased through the vendor. Any thoughts on what’s going on here? It seems to me if there was no website activity my stats on Cloudflare would be zero. Instead, the stats are very impressive.

The stats on Cloudflare are measuring all requests to your site, including bots, search engine scraping, everything. The numbers are higher than something like Google Analytics because GA doesn’t count those things.

Thank you for your reply so does measuring all requests to my site refer to my ad promotion or actual visitors to my site? One stat show Unique Visitors 67, Total requests 1.25k just for within the last 24 hours - do these number reflect actual visitors to the site? The reason for my inquiry is the site is not showing any activity as visitor opting in, much less conversions.

All requests, including bots and automated probes. If you want to measure actual people with a browser, you can set up Cloudflare’s Javascript beacon analytics, but it’s pretty basic on a free account. Something like Google Analytics may be what you’re looking for.

Got it! Thank you

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