Cloudflare Statistics not working without Proxy


Im using Cloudflare for all of my Domains. But im only using Cloudflare as DNS and not as Proxy.
Seems like if i dont use Cloudflare as Proxy the statistics are not going to work.

Is there a way to get the Statistics without activating the proxy of Cloudflare?


That is generally correct. Requests need to go through the proxies, otherwise Cloudflare obviously can’t gather any data.

That being said, they recently did extend Web Analytics to work with a linked JavaScript code as well. That might be just what you are looking for →

Alright! Thanks for your help

I have another question.
If im using Cloudflare with the Proxy too but i only have a @ A Record for my Website, do the statistics count if i have a subdomain like “” without the proxy? (gray cloud)

I want to get ALL traffic usage ( Total Requests & Unique Visitors ) for the whole domain including the subdomains.

If requests for that hostname do not go through the proxy, then they won’t count either.

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