Cloudflare static pages domain diff path

Can i upload different static pages on cloudflare on the same domain but different path?

Pages does not have this feature, no. You would have to compose the projects together as one site yourself so Pages can deploy it as one site.

Hey thanks for your quick response

Wouldn’t that require some backend?

Or is there another way of doing this on CF without using pages?

Thank you

Pages is the only static hosting Cloudflare has.

You can point a subpath to a different origin server from the rest of the domain – but only on an Enterprise account.

Basically you would need to build it as one site for Pages. Or host it on your own server, where you can build your sub-site in a directory beneath the main site (which is the feature Pages does not have and honestly is unlikely to have in the future).

If you’re using Pages I’d recommend just using a subdomain instead. Like, rather than Then can just be a separate Pages project.

You’re right! Thanks for that

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