Cloudflare static homepage not updating

I have hosted my WordPress site on Bluehost. And I am using generatepress premium theme. I am working on my site so I have checked the “coming soon” page option in Bluehost plugin.

“Bluehost Coming soon” should have shown in my whole site but instead every page is showing “coming soon” except the static homepage. The static homepage is showing previously published page.

I have purged the Cloudflare cache several days. I have checked each and every plugin I am using. none of the plugins is causing the issue. I even reset my site from backup. but even that didn’t work.

But when I disabled Cloudflare, the problem resolved. I don’t know specifically which Cloudflare setting is causing the issue. I would be helpful if anybody could give me some tips.

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What’s the domain?

I have enabled the coming soon option in bluehost plugin. Should I remove it ?
And currently couldflare is disabled in my site.

You’ve cached that page at Cloudflare. Most likely through a Page Rule set to “Cache Everything”.

yes. i have cached everything several times within a week. ( i am using w3 total cache and I have connected my cloudflare with w3)
thank you for showing this page but i dont know what to do next. Do I have to wait or do i need to change cache settings. and if i need to change the cache settings then what settings should I use? I bought my domain in last week of june and don’t know how to handle websites. Your suggestion much helpful. thank you.

Turn off your Page Rules in the Cloudflare dashboard.

thank you for your suggestion but - “You do not have any Page Rules yet. Click ‘Create Page Rule’ above to get started” is showing on that page.

What are the two name servers listed at the bottom of your DNS page?

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This is not currently the case, as shown in my screenshot above. I just double-checked, and it’s still going through Cloudflare.

Sorry I didn’t mention earlier after I send you the message I enabled the cloudflare in my website to check whether the issue is gone or not. and I checked it twice after sending you reply.

here are my name server

You’ve changed something:

yes… i disabled and then enabled cloudflare to check whether the issue is gone or not. it takes few minutes to change i think

except home page every other page is showing coming soon.

I am editing my site so I had to disabled the coming soon page. still home page is showing old page and other pages had been updated.

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