Cloudflare states webserver is down although reachable through ip

I just started to protect my page through Cloudflare. Cloudflare doesn’t seem to be able to connect to the server. I can connect to it if I enter the IP directly. I redirect calls from 80 to 8080 un my firewall, but that shouldnt cause this as it works behind the scene.

That should work if you have the correct IP address in your Cloudflare DNS. If you set it to :grey: in DNS, will that work? If you post the domain name, we can take a closer look.

The domain name is And I set it to DNS and HTTP proxy

And if you set it to :grey:, it works? Here’s some 521 info:

Ok seems that I fixed atleast part of the error. I made it automatically use https on Cloudflare and that doesnt seem to work. Using http works. Can I just redirect my https calls to my 8080 port as I did with http or does it have different protocolls disallowing the program on the other side of being able to read the requests?

8080 isn’t an HTTPS port:

The HTTPs ports that Cloudflare support are:

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Does Cloudflare comunicate with https with the server? If yes how do I get the key store?

Cloudflare communicates with your server just like any browser would. If you can browse your server on the ports I listed, Cloudflare can reach it.

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I changed my program to listen to 8443 instead of 8080. Now I cant connect to it anymore via the domain. Direct IP followed by port 8433 works though. Are you sure I dont need to enable ssl and hand over a keystore on my serverside?

Nothing I do seems to work. Somebody else had made a setup for the domain for another account and it worked there without requiring me to change the port I am listening to.

Lets start from the beginning. On which port is your service listening and which protocol does it use (HTTP or HTTPS)?

Also, right now it is not proxied. So if it does not even work right now there definitely is an issue on your server side.

It uses http. Listens to port 80 and 8080. I somehow managed to make it work for a few seconds when playing around with the crypto options.

Currently it loads just fine via Cloudflare


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