Cloudflare starting blocking US bots like Google, Yahoo & Bing


I’ve got country blocks on everything but the UK as my site is based on a UK subject and this helps to stop spambots however over the last week or two Cloudflare has suddenly started blocking US bots, i know its them because when I disabled it they appeared fine and tests (Bing webmaster tools etc) shown 403 errors.

I have contacted Cloudlfare but they’ve not bothered replying days later, would it be easier to find another way not to protect the site, is Cloudflare finished

Edit wait no someone did reply a few days ago but clearly hasn’t read what I said as he/she asked me to post them a HAR file which I did from my site even though the issue is Cloudflare as I’ve already stated, appalling support

Sandro abuse of position

I am not sure what you expect :confused:


Support from Cloudflare for causing this, I know its expecting to much but I’m that desperate now, I’m posting it on they’re public forum and got even more desperate people who have nothing to do with this problem or cloudflare replying…guess I’ll have to look for a replacement for Cloudflare


The point is you are blocking US requests but are surprised that US requests are blocked at the same time and that doesnt add up. Unblock your US block and the issue should be fixed.


You see this is why I don’t like putting support in public, it attracts sad people who have nothing better to do than troll for a life.

FYI when I first came to CF I was told by them that blocking a country wont block the bots as they have a dedicated list of IPs which they use, you see it helps to know threes things before jumping onto something without having a clue.

I’ve also unblocked US and its made no difference to the situation like I said, I’ve also switched CF off and the bots worked but now I’ve repeating myself due to a sad lonely troll trolling me.

If you have nothing else in life to do Sandra it would help if you knew these basics things before jumping in


Good, this is - as you put it - a public community where people try to help each other, not insult each other. Best is you contact support but they likely wont tell you anything else either. Here we can obviously finish the topic.



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File a complaint if you want. You were told what to do, if you do that is up to you. As you said yourself a public community is obviously not the right place for you and with the attitude you have shown I am afraid I agree.