Cloudflare Started Remembering My Login Sessions - How to Change Back?

For as long as I can remember, whenever I went to log into my Cloudflare account, if I had closed the browser (maybe even the tab, I forget) it would again require me to enter my username, password, and authenticate with 2FA. I liked this, because I consider my Cloudflare account and control over my domains as among my most critical accounts.

However, very recently I’ve noticed it is remembering my sessions like most other sites. Even going days between accessing my Cloudflare account, it does not require any kind of re-authentication.

Is there some new setting that has caused this behavior, and is there a way to revert it?

May I ask if your Web browser has updated and some settings has changed in the meantime? :thinking:

Is your Web browser configured to clear cookies and cache “on closing”? :thinking:

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