Cloudflare-SSLDetector Is overloading my servers


Every once in a while we get massive requests to all our subdomains at the same second from Cloudflare-SSLDetector.

We need a way to slow down this, or disable it.

It would be great if Cloudflare could throttle these requests. We have a lot of subdomains (around 1500) and we usually have 20 requests per second, but when Cloudflare starts scanning we go to 1500 rps in just a second.

So now out DoS protection tool becomes our DoS attacker!

By the way, we checked and all the requests come from Cloudflare, but from different Cloudflare IPs

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You can disable this in the Cloudflare Dashboard at the SSL/TLS section and then disabling SSL/TLS Recommender.

More info about the recommender can be found on

If you have any questions or concerns related to SSL/TLS Recommender , contact [email protected] .

I would also recommend forwarding your issue to [email protected].

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