Cloudflare SSL "your connection is not private" error

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What is the domain name?

I have two domains. Both set up as far as I can tell exactly the same. They are each set up using an nginx proxy pointed at the same apache website. Both are using Cloudflare flexible ssl.

marketauthority DOT net
barkypark DOT com

You can browse to /server.html on each of them using https to see the error.

barkypark resolves using SSL, the other doesn’t. I can’t figure out why. You can see for yourself by trying to browse to the page in a browser. The exact error is:

Your connection is not private

I have tried everything I can think of to fix it, even moving the site to a different Cloudflare account, and I cannot resolve it.

What am I doing wrong?

Works fine for me, redirects to

This domain is still setup with Shopify and you would need to get in contact with them to remove their SSL for SaaS claim.

How do you see that it is setup with shopify? How can I see that for myself? I have had similar issues before and need to be able to recognize this when it happens.


This is Shopify’s error page.

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