Cloudflare SSL works through domain’s ‘www’ but not without www

I’ve recently managed to set up my Cloudflare SSL certificate on my GoDaddy servers. The certificates seem to work fine and the website loads no issues if I use - but I get certificate issues if I drop the www and simply visit

My certificates are valid for domains and *

Using various SSL checkers, they’re all happy with the www version but all throw up errors along with all major browsers saying that the certificate is invalid.

Any idea where I’m going wrong or how I can resolve? I’ve been racking my brain all day!

In the DNS tab in Cloudflare, you need to make sure the A or CNAME record for the root domain is set to be proxied, indicated by the orange cloud :orange:. If it’s grey, click it to turn it orange.

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I think it’s all configured correctly?

Your domain looks to be completely running through GoDaddy and GoDaddy DNS, so those changes you’re doing here aren’t doing anything. You would need to use the two name servers that Cloudflare shows you below those DNS entries.

EDIT: It looks like your DNS is in a state of flux, so it’s partially going through Cloudflare…but not for me yet.

They seem to be propagating through Cloudflare on my end?

That’s a rather limited view of that output. How about more?

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Sorry, seems to be fully working on my end.

SSL Checker giving all the green lights, but Chrome and Safari both still don’t seem to be happy?

I still think it’s going to take time for DNS to fully propagate. It’s definitely getting better, but it’s not 100% yet. Worst case is 48 hours, but looks pretty close now.

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