Cloudflare SSL with Hostgator Hosting

I want some help, my website is not accessible since I’ve changed it’s nameservers with cloudflare. My hosting is Hostgator, I contacted with their support but they simply said to change my nameservers with their original nameservers. How can I use my website using Cloudflare SSL?

That domain is still fully on Hostgator. Their name servers, and their web servers. And it’s working.

It was actually not working, I then deleted it from Cloudflare to check, now it’s working, but when I put cloudflare nameservers, it don’t work …

There are many Cloudflare customers with hosting at Hostgator. Without a description of the error, and no way to troubleshoot, Cloudflare Community can not help. You can also open a Support ticket if you’d prefer that approach:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

Hostgator is compatible with Cloudflare . This error is because the connection is not using your domain name to connect, so the browser is expecting SSL to have your domain, but the connection is going to a *. hostgator domain.