Cloudflare SSL with Azure

Hello,i was trying to add Cloudflare SSL for one of my sub domains in azure, i used the Origin Certificate Download in Cloudflare to generate the cert but i have issues downloading the various format.

I attempt to copy and paste and save them as .p7b but DigiCert is not recognizing that as a valid .p7b despite me choosing all types, save in ANSI (i also tried Unicode and UTF-8) for me to convert it to pfx format.

I tried the .der and used online tools to convert but they didn’t recognize the file i download too!

The pfx option is grey out in the Cloudflare SSL option as well.

Any support?

Hi there - did you ever get this resolved? If not please file a ticket with support @ Cloudflare (if you haven’t already) and let me know the ticket number.

Hi, I created this tool, which simplifies the creation of the PFX file on windows. Maybe you find it helpful: GitHub - georg-jung/PfxCreator: Creates PKCS #12 files (.pfx, .p12) from PEM representations of certificate and private key. No installation needed.