Cloudflare SSL with AWS Lightsail Bitnami Wordpres

I have a Bitnami wordpress, website hosted on AWS Lightsail. The domain configuration is done in Cloudflare, at present it’s on flexible SSL.
My question is to make the website full SSL, I understand, I need to create a secure connection between Cloudflare and my origin ( website).
So, is it possible to make the site full SSL by installing Let’s encrypt SSL on my Wordpress using the Bitnami tool, or do I need to download the certificates from Cloudflare and install it on the server?

This Cloudflare doc, doesn’t show the process to install the cert on was lightsail server

Any other tutorial to do this will help.

You can do either. Full SSL requires an SSL certificate on your origin. If you want to use Full strict then you need an SSL that is signed by a trusted CA like Let’s Encrypt.

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You should not use Full in the first place.