Cloudflare SSL Sertificate Problem


I’ve installed Cloudflare’s SSL on my website but on some PCs, it’s showing “Not Secure” in the left of my domain.

I’m using ESET and I’m also getting this error:

Is there any solution for this?

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You’d have to find out from ESET why you’re getting a false positive. Though they might be somewhat accurate if you don’t have valid SSL on your server.


Ah, you have a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on there (great!). But the hostname(s) are not proxied. Edit your DNS records for and www so they’re :orange: (Proxied) instead of :grey: (DNS Only).

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They’re all proxied I think. Should I do something different for the Proxy process?

Well…that’s strange. At the bottom of that page, does it say your two name servers are Aisha and Thomas?



All I can suggest is the “turn it off, then back on again.” Edit those two DNS entries to make them :grey:, wait a few minutes, then set them back to :orange:.

@salvador might also be able to see what the problem is on your account.

Well, I think the problem is only happening in admins of the site.

I asked 5 people to enter the site, and they all said that they’re seeing the “Secure” icon in the left of the domain.

I think this is happening because of cookies, dunno.

Still thanks for helping though:)

Did you just proxy it recently? My local cached DNS feeds from Cloudflare and is still showing Origin IP address. But a direct test against show it’s proxied.

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Perhaps it is just a caching issue since this is working for other people?

Could you please try using incognito mode?

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Sorry for the late response. The problem is fixed now and I’m seeing the “Secure” icon in the left of the domain. I think this happened because I was the admin of the site and it took a while for my browser/pc to understand that the site is safe.

Thanks for helping!

Hey again.

Now I’m getting a 522 Error on my site. I haven’t built a website before and I do not know what to do in such a case. Is there any solution to fix that?

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