Cloudflare SSL question

Hi, I am using the Cloudflare SSL encryption set to Flexible. For some reason, all browsers show the certificate issuer is Let’s Encrypt. SSL is turned off on the hosting side. On the Edge Certificates tab in Cloudflare, it shows the following: Screenshot by Lightshot For some reason a certificate from Let’s Encrypt is being managed by Cloudflare.

How could this happen? I have a dozen sites with Cloudflare and all certificates are issued by Cloudflare except for this particular site. Is there a way to use a certificate issued by Cloudflare instead of Let’s Encrypt?


Because security isn’t important?

Other than the fact that you have insecure traffic at your server is something not working?

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So you are essentially not using encryption :wink:

All I need at this point is for browsers to show a security badge like this Screenshot by Lightshot And they do, except for they show the certificate issuer as Let’s Encrypt instead of Cloudflare for this particular domain. For the rest of my domains, the certificate issuer is Cloudflare. I need to have the same behavior for all domains.

So if we summarise fake “security” and deceiving your visitors, right?

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