Cloudflare SSL Proxy not working on Apple devices


I recently set up a domain on Cloudflare and configured the website to use the SSL proxy feature.

The strange thing is that the SSL certificate is applied correctly when accessing the site from a PC or Android device. However, when viewed from Apple devices such as an iPhone or iPad, it comes up as HTTP only, displaying a warning triangle next to the URL.

It is not my settings, as I have another website with the exact same configuration on Cloudflare and the website works with SSL across all devices.

The only difference between the 2 sites, is that the one that doesn’t work is using a Google Trust Services certificate and the other is using LetsEncrypt.

Has anyone run into this problem before and if so, how can it be resolved.

Many thanks.

Hello there,

Without knowing the domain in this case, I assume, community won’t able to help you well in order to analyze & help you resolve the same.

Safari or Chrome or both @technical24?

It happens on both browsers.

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