CloudFlare SSL problem

So… i use CloudFlare SSL for my domain and i get this error ( ),i issued a ticket to my webhosting center but support said
"Since the SSL option is offered by CloudFlare and not us, it is best to contact CloudFlare directly and ask them how to configure your website to properly work with their SSL service.

On our end we can confirm that there are no server errors that would render your website offline."

Please follow the steps in this post to solve your problem:

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So basically the error is depend on Your cloudflare SSL set.

If You set Full SSL in cloudflare side, then You’ve to install SSL in Your origin host, You can use self certificate.

If You set Flexible SSL, then You don’t need to install SSL in Your origin host. But, can’t set url to https in Your origin host.

Full should only be a temporary measure until you fixed the certificate in case it expired for example. Then you should switch back to “Full strict”. Flexible should never be chosen to begin with.

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