Cloudflare SSL not wroking

I have set the my site to use cloudflare DNS but it not showing a secure browsing? Please what am i missing? Thanks for your support

site name is :

A server certificate.

You have no proper certificate on your server and an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare. In short, you have an insecure site.

I suggest you pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), contact your host so that your site loads fine on HTTPS, and unpause Cloudflare only once your site loads properly on HTTPS.

Im little bit confuse but i have two other sites which is using cloudlflare ssl and they are working fine and the same from godaddy.

Then these sites will be equally insecure.

Same advice as before.

Those site shows secure connection sir !

Yeah, I am not going to address that for the millionth time only this week. I invite you to use the search.

And as I already mentioned twice, the same advice still applies.

One thing I am going to post (again) is

This addresses all your questions and tells you what to do do secure your site.

So what exactly is your goal here? The site in question clearly isn’t secure because you’re getting that warning, which indicates that the server isn’t delivering content securely.

@sandro’s advice is spot on. Pause Cloudflare and make sure your server is delivering content securely.

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My goal here was using cloudflare free ssl for my site…

Yeah, we are going in circles here. As I already mentioned the link addresses all your questions, why don’t you check it out?

Plus, you have been told four times so far what to do. Why don’t you follow that advice?

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Ok, you’ve got that. But now you see it’s not actually secure the way you’re trying to use it.

It’s like, sure you locked your car’s doors, but you forgot to roll all the windows up first.


Thanks Sandro, I have been able go through and get the resolve the issue. I’m very grateful for your assistance.


Yes, you do have an Origin certificate now. Just make sure you have Full Strict selected and you are good to go.

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Thanks but it seems on chrome and explorer my page header and footer and other images not showing. Please whats missing ?

Presumably some mixed content.

But that would be a different subject and better goes into its own thread, respectively it’s most likely not Cloudflare related in the first place.

That should have been fixed during your posted solution:

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