CloudFlare SSL not working on internal VPN

We have a client who uses an internal VPN for their company. When they visit their website which uses cloudflare to proxy the traffic and a Cloudflare ssl, the Cloudflare SSL certificate does not work on their network. I assume because their VPN takes them directly to the servers IP where the website exists, instead of using one of CloudFlares IPs. Is there a way to configure their VPN to work with CloudFlares SSL?

Is this using a Cloudflare origin certificate? If yes, then note…

Best to use a LetsEncrypt (or other CA) certificate if access direct to the origin server is required without the browser warning.

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Using the same public DNS results when on the company VPN would also solve the problem by sending all incoming site connections through the Cloudflare proxy regardless of their origin. Which option is more suitable depends on the overall objective.

If direct origin server access will occur at times, it’s best to use a certificate from a publicly trusted CA, as described in the previous reply.

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