Cloudflare SSL not working but CDN works

Halo community, I need your help. I configured my site for Cloudflare 2 months ago, changed the nameservers, and configured it properly but Cloudflare SSL has never worked. The site URL is

Kindly help

For starters, you have the wrong encryption mode, that should be Full Strict, not Full.

Also, loads fine, www does not because you have no DNS record set up.

Also also, the screenshot you posted is not for but a domain.

@sandro Sorry sir. Here is the right Screen shot for DNS Screenshot by Lightshot

Please help

Have you fixed the encryption mode?


How do I fix the encryption mode?

By switching to Full Strict.

Full Strict still did not solve the problem

Well, the site seems to load fine for you as well.

So you changed the encryption mode?

And the certificate from your screenshot is the proxies’ certificate, so your Cloudflare configuration is all right.

Some browsers, it returns http instead of https, The this attachment, I thought it should Cloudflare and not EI

If you are on Full Strict, you’d have a secure site now. Otherwise you need to fix that.

As for the redirect, maybe clear the browser’s cache. The HTTPS redirect is working → 301s at

As for the certificate, Cloudflare is not a CA, so it won’t say Cloudflare. The certificate you have in place is the right one.

Thank you. However, I only have one problem. On some devices, the site returns http instead of https

I addressed this in my earlier response. Check the cache or maybe there’s a DNS propagation issue. Cloudflare redirects properly however.

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