Cloudflare SSL not shown on brower's padlock instead LetsEncrpyt SSL in shown

I have set up Cloudflare SSL with my website but when I access the site using any browser then when I click the Green Padlock for https, it shows SSL is from LetsEncrypt (which I used before setting up Cloudflare’s SSL).

But when I test my site using ssllabs, I can see that Cloudflare SSL is shown over there. Please help me sort out this issue.

Will be a DNS propagation issue.

You are still using it, aren’t you?

Actually, Im not sure. I deleted lets encrypt certificate from cpanel, so I thought cloudflare ssl will be activated. Can you please help me fix this. Spent hours trying to fix this but still no results :frowning:

That’s not a good idea. Get that certificate back to your server as quickly as possible.

Ok Ive saved the Certificate details before deleting. I will add it back. Will that fix this issue ?

Your site currently shows the Cloudflare certificate. So that shouldn’t be an issue.

What’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

Flexible SSL

Not good. Switch to Full strict and make sure your server has the certificate.

I use the free plan. So can I switch to Full strict?

Sure, why not.

Thank you. So now do I need to add back lets encrypt ssl back to server using cpanel ?

Yes, you do.

Ok thank you so much for the help. Can I ask one last thing ?
Is lets encrypt really necessary, since I have cloudflare ssl now ?

You’d need a Cloudflare Origin certificate in that case. You don’t have that right now, hence Cloudflare’s certificate only protects the proxy not your own server.

I added back the lets encrypt certificate as you said. I hope everything is fine now. Could you please check it out.

And you are on “Full strict”?

No because Full Stricts description says “It requires a trusted CA or Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on the server” and I believe I dont have any such certificates. Also I have a plugin called Cloudflare Flexible SSL to prevent mixed content.
I’m actually scared that I will get into some trouble if I switch to Full Strict.

Again, you need a certificate. I said that four times so far.

Either get the original certificate back up or install an Origin one. Your site is currently not secure.

I installed an Origin certificate and switched to Full Strict. I’m really sorry, I know I ask stupid questions, I am totally a noob at this.

I would suggest you use as well as the search here, as these topics are all covered there.