Cloudflare SSL not showing/working

Hi. It’s now two weeks and Cloudflare SSL is not working. However, CDN picked immediately. What is the solutions, please

Without knowing the domain, we can’t offer specific guidance. Was your SSL working before you added your site to Cloudflare?

I know bitly doesn’t use Cloudflare.

You didn’t answer the question about your site before you used Cloudflare. Was it using HTTPS?


Yes. Letsencrypt

That site is proxied by Cloudflare and SSL is working.

Whys is that the security padlock on the browser shows Letsencrypt ssl. And on some devices, the site throws http instead of https

Cloudflare uses two certificate authorities. One is Let’s Encrypt, and the other is Digicert. If the site gets Digicert, it will show Cloudflare on the certificate.

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Like on this device, its throwing http (See attachment

). Why

I’m afraid I don’t know what’s wrong with their device’s connection. Your site loads with HTTPS from everywhere I tested.

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