Cloudflare SSL not covering subdomains

Hello, I am using Cloudflare for one of my websites, and the SSL is covering www.mydomain and my root domain. However, my subdomains are not protected by the Cloudflare SSL and are instead using the actual certificate I installed (not trusted in browsers, so I got a not secure error). I am using Cloudflare via a web host partner, and I see that it is connected by CNAME. Do I need to point it to Cloudflare also via CNAME? If I do, how?

Cloudflare certificates are valid for and *

As long as those other subdomains are :orange:, they have access to the Cloudflare SSL certificate. Those other subdomains should be set up similarly to how you have the ‘www’ set up.

Well, yes, but I have no control over that. My domain is connected to
Camouflage via a CNAME Setup by a hosting partner.

Cloudflare*. Autocorrect