Cloudflare SSL is not detected

Hi there, a valid ssl (lets encrypt) is successfully installed in my origin server and i am able to enabled “full strict” in cloudflare configuration, my website goes well but just cloudflare’s ssl is not detected, how can i solve the issue? Thank you

You probably didn’t proxy the records or Cloudflare simply issued a Let’s Encrypt certificate for you as well.

What’s the domain?

If you’re still seeing a Let’s Encrypt cert, it could very well be you’re looking at the one Cloudflare issued for your website. If you check your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome), click on an item in the Network tab to see if it’s served from Cloudflare.


Its still serving by Let’s Encrypt… hmmmm… my other domains are served by cloudflare by doing the same procedures… thats weird


Hello sandro, how can i change the SSL Certificate issued by “Coudflare Inc ECC CA-3”, and Issued to “

Why would you want to do that?

The certificate you have right now is just fine. You can customise certain aspects with an ACM certificate (e.g. the CA) but that’s paid. Otherwise it is what it is.

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