Cloudflare ssl is activated but the browser says certificate error or connection is not private


hello everybody.
i have a problem yesterday i set cloud flare free ssl for my website and than today in the morning i checked my website it had a green padlock. but at the evening when i checked my website google chrome is saying connection is not private with this website even ssl is active. i used other WP plugins like really simple ssl. and it was working fine in the morning but now its not working. i also open my website in incognito tab but its still giving me the same error. i also test different ssl in crypto like flexible full and full strict. but i still get no results from it. i changed different browser but still i did not get any success. i also attached some screen shoots. so please help me in fixing this situation.


Right now I get a 526 error -


Make sure you’re using a valid certificate (recommended: Cloudflare Origin CA, or LetsEncrypt) on your host, otherwise full strict won’t work.

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sir just before few minutes there was no error. i dont know what what happen to it now. sir if i install cloud flare origin ca manually through cpanel will it work fine?


If you install certificates through cpanel, that should fix the issue.

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ok sir let me do it first than will let you know Thank you very much sir your Great person :slight_smile: