Cloudflare SSL | https getting redirected to http


It’s great to use Cloudflare always! But, recently I have been facing an issue and am not being able to resolve that,
My website, has the SSL Full Encryption provided by Cloudflare.
When I access -> My website goes insecure! (On Chrome - Desktop)
(On Chrome - Mobile, Firefox - Mobile - the page simply doesn’t load with an error of INVALID_COMMON_NAME_CERT (Something like this!).)
(On firefox - desktop, everything works like a charm!)

I am very much confused here, any help would be highly appreciated! I will be more than happy to provide any further information required to support my query.

Thanks in advance.

It looks like the AWS load balancer for your API is throwing that error on the background as it has a invalid certificate.

Yes, the certificate issued by AWS was for I attached that certificate to my ALB. The certificate doesn’t cover the ALB URL. But, I do have a listener for HTTPS on my ALB which serves the content to me.
So, according to you, is this the reason my https is changing to http?
If so, how should I proceed?
Thanks in advance @arunesh90

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