CloudFlare SSL Handshake (525)

Recently, I’ve been receiving the 525 error intermittently. When I asked my host about the issue, they said that they have tried various methods to no avail so not sure what is going on?

Do you have a certificate installed on your server? Whats the domain?

A 525 is addressed at Community Tip - Fixing Error 525: SSL handshake failed

If you say it is intermittent, it will be difficult to debug. The most likely scenario will be that your server occasionally does not respond properly. Is there anything peculiar about your setup? More than one A record, load balancer, etc.?

I don’t believe so. My host also said that they were having trouble diagnosing the issue and they suggested looking at Cloudflare’s logs instead, but I’d assume that’s is not possible.

For that you’d need to the connection ID of one such failed connection and forward it to Cloudflare’s support. They might be able to shed some light then.

How would I go about contacting Cloudflare? Since the only method seems to be through this community?

Make sure to whitelist all Cloudflare IP in your firewall, often 525 errors are caused by one Cloudflare IP being blocked so it’s also became intermittent.

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