Cloudflare ssl for zimbra

zimbra supprts lets’ encrypt certificate but can we use ssl and tls issued by Cloudflare for zimbra ?


ref: Zimbra SSL with Cloudflare Free SSL (HSTS) Enabled
ref : Zimbra SkillZ: How to use Zimbra with Let’s Encrypt Certificates - Zimbra : Blog
ref : Installing a LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate - Zimbra :: Tech Center


Thank you for asking.

From what I do understand, you want to use Cloudflare SSL (Origin CA Certificate) for your e-mail related hostname like
Unfortunately, this will not work as far as Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate encrypts HTTPS traffic (only for web).

You would need a valid SSL certificate (like Let’s Encrypt) for your mail hostname like from which you are going to receive/send e-mails.

Nevertheless, your e-mail related hostname(s) like should be set to :grey: (DNS-only).

In case you are asking for Zimbra Webmail interface, I believe yes, you can use Cloudflare Origin CA certificate.

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