Cloudflare SSL Erro

We have a concern, a while ago we had our server with private SSL, however, when we check the certificate from Chrome, Cloudflare no longer appears, another entity appears, do you know why the Cloudflare certificate no longer appears. We attach image

Certificates that previously appeared named for “Cloudflare” were provided by Digicert. Those are no longer being issued, so certificates will be from LetsEncrypt or Google.


Thank you for answering our concern. So, for Cloudflare to appear, what certificate do we have to buy. Thank you very much for your time.

As I said, this is no longer available. See the links I gave.

Hello again, if we disable universal SSL and keep the SSL that we bought for our server, wouldn’t we have problems? What happens is that we have updated the SSL and we have dropped in organic visits and we think that this change might have to do with it. thank you.

Do you have a business or enterprise account and will you use the custom certificate? If no, then turning off universal SSL means you can’t use the Cloudflare proxy since there will be no edge certificate for your domain.

It think it’s highly unlikely that is the reason. Every Cloudflare customer is in the same situation.

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