Cloudflare SSL certificate Pending Deployment

Hi guys,

I just moved a site from one CF account to another. All settings were copied, but there’s an issue with the site - not loading. The error message is: err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch cloudflare

I see in my new CF account the following under SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates: Pending Deployment 1

First thing - do I have to do something or just wait for CF to do something on their end?
Second thing - I see in the old CF account that there are 2 Active certificates. Why there’s a difference?

Note: As far as I know, there’s a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installed on the server which is autorenewing.

Thanks for your help!

If it takes too long, I suggest you scroll down to the bottom of the SSL/TLS Edge Certificates section and click Disable Universal SSL, then wait 15 minutes, then click it again to re-issue the certificate.

Thanks for your reply!

The site started loading now and the status turned to Active. It seems that it was a matter of time.

The only thing is the difference: 2 certificates in the old account and 1 certificate is shown in the new CF account.

Not sure what that means and if that’s an issue.

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