Cloudflare SSL certificate not trusted

I have Hostgator Wordpress hosting and godaddy domain. I have changed the DNS in godaddy but am still getting SSL certificate not trusted whenever i visit my website.
My website is:

Any help would be great!

When I visit your site I saw this,

Meaning your ssl common name doesn’t match your domain.
And your ssl common name is * and this is a wildcard type ssl.
Your ssl does not belongs to you, it is belong to HostGator

And also can you please let much explain what were you doing with the SSL?

Looks like you already have a SSL cerificate installed issued by Comodo. Uninstall the Comodo cerificate first because it also looks is for other domain then activate Cloudflare SSL and also you can activate “Always use HTTPS” under SSL/TLS app

Did you stop using Cloudflare and move to hostgator?
And you received that error?

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The whois information for your domain still doesn’t have Cloudflare listed nameservers:


You may want to doublecheck you made the change at the correct location at Godaddy. The site is going directly to Hostgator and Cloudflare is not currently involved in the process. Once the nameservers are changed to Cloudflare, Cloudflare will begin the process of ordering you an SSL certificate to deploy on its edge.

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